Just to clear up any confusion –

I have always advocated for properly labeled Kava. I believe that customers should be able to make informed decisions about what kind of Kava they buy and drink. If a customer wants Noble, they should be able to buy properly labeled Noble. If they want Tudei, the same. I wouldn’t want Noble-spiked Tudei, or vice versa.

Part of legitimizing Tudei is making a clear market for it. If there is market for Tudei, there is no incentive to “spike.” There are enough people out there trying to buy Tudei that there should be no incentive to mix it with Noble. In fact, Tudei can often be more expensive than Noble.

Bula, and enjoy this new chapter in Kava history!

Now that certain “loose ends” have been addressed, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

The Kavasseur website will now be focusing on reviews and fun videos. I will finish my “History of the Online Kava Community” as well. Some of those videos might trigger memories of recent frustrations, so certain people might want to avoid those.

Additionally, I am now fully supportive of Kava Forums. I hope it finds a positive way forward and I’m pleased to see it moving in a better direction. I hope it can once again become an unbiased source for crowd sourced information and Kava reviews.

Also, much more blogging from my guest author Senor Chuggs. And applications are open for others who might want to contribute!



Hello Kavasseurs!   I had the wonderful opportunity to hang with the Conestoga Funktiersman, one of my good buds who grew up here in Baltimore MD.  Both the Funktiersman and myself make our livings as a professionals in the manufacturing sector by day,  and spend the rest of our time in endless and noble pursuit of good laughs and cool vibes.

For a stubborn luddite like myself, this blog thing is just so hard to kick off because when I review raw material, I fear the content isn’t rich enough.  The whole session starts to feel like a “Had to be there” story.  Then I try to trim down the fat, but the chopped up product loses some of the tone and character from the original kava session, the added work of editing notwithstanding.  Time for a different approach.

This is it.  Just two people, sitting around the kava bowl, simultaneously creating and capturing that beautiful, contempt, harmonius kava atmosphere.  I make no claims of having anything interesting to say, and no apologies for it either.

I invite all to pour a shell and try to follow this babbling stream of consiousness into the mix:





Discussion fueled by this wonderful root







(left: Señor Chuggs; right: Conestoga Funktiersman)  This is a different evening when we were “in the mix” playing with the turntables. It illustrates the point that kava isn’t the only component at play here… cocktails and handlebar moustaches also function as vibe delivery vehicles.

Every now and then I revisit some of my old reviews. I originally reviewed Wakacon back in 2016, shortly after coming back a stressful time in South Sudan. It really helped get me through the rough points. Wakacon has also been resilient through the recent exponential price spikes that have occurred everywhere from Vanuatu to (inexplicably, as there are no import or container costs) Hawaii. Wakacon still stands the test, and is as good a Kava as ever.

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