Kalm with Kava’s micronized Kavas are similar to instant Kavas – you just mix them with water and are ready to drink your krunk juice! But the main difference is that they are not dehydrated from processed Kava, but rather milled until the Kava is fine enough to be prepared directly with water. So you get a huge rush of kavalactones without all the work of traditional preparation.

The feeling you will get from this Kava is strong, undebatable, and will leave you calm and happy. The Fijian and Tongan strains are a bit more relaxing and calming, while the Boronguru and Boguru Vanuatuan Kavas are a bit more sociable and good for milling about. Either way, you’re in good hands with these micronized Kavas.

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Kavafied has revolutionized Kava on many different fronts – blends and blenders. After being really impressed by Tongan Eau and then even more impressed by the AluBall, a Kava-making product that has made making frothy shells of Kava into a two minute exercise session, I decided to delve back into Kavafied’s line of powders.

So, as seen in the above video review, I Double AluBalled a strong batch of Kavafied’s Fiji Waka and poured some frothy shells on a temperate winter evening in San Diego. I wanted to do a video review the first night I tried Fiji Waka, but I got totally couch locked and couldn’t have been bothered to even sign a paycheck.

Suffice it to say that Fiji Waka is a strong Fijian lateral root powder that will blow away your stress and put a big tropical smile on your face. It has a profound headiness to it that will make you giggle at the softness of chairs and yearn for your pillow in the evening. Your stress will drain out of you like rivers through a delta into a sea. It’s good for both calming the mind and warming the muscles. It’s a stunning Kava that is an immediate new favorite for me.

Headiness – 9.5/10

Body – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Strong, nighttime grade or weekend grade

Good for – Extra strong stress relief, deep relaxation, solo sessions and social sessions alike

Kavafied Fiji Waka – 9.12/10

Effects (Head) – 9/10

Effects (Body) – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Strong, Weeknight, Weekend Kava, Good Noble clean strength but certainly for full relaxation

Good for – Maximum effect, relaxation, elation, tranquility, euphoria

The Kava Roots Tongan Choice – 9/10

In a time when new vendors are popping up out of nowhere, Luna Kava comes to us with a solid trio of medium grind Kavas out of the gates – a Vanuatuan Borogu, a Fijian Lawena, and a Blend. They also have an Instant Kava available which I’ll have to review further down the road.


I wanted to review the Borogu first because it’s a pretty solid point of reference in any Kava vendors’ arsenal. In the video, you’ll notice that I have an initial kind of startled reaction to the taste. As explained in the video, it’s because I used a new preparation method I wanted to try. Namely, (lightly) boiling about a cup of water to five tablespoons of Kava root and mixing until it gets a greasy sheen. Then dumping in another three cups of room temperature water and squeezing it through a sieve. This makes the Kava taste pretty bad, but it certainly stretches out the beat of the kavalactones. You can feel the Kava resin properly drip through your hands as you squeeze. If you’re ever tight on cash and want your krunks’ worth, you might want to take a close look at this method.

I followed up the next day with the AluBall, and this stuff tastes just fine that way. Like I said in the video review, it is reminiscent of Nakamal at Home’s Black Sand Kava, or Kalm with Kava’s Borogu.

The effects are exactly what you would expect them to be from a Borogu – head and body buzz spread pretty evenly out, with a nice stoniness in the eyes and a deep, euphoric anti-anxiety buzz. Definitely a night time Kava or a weekend Kava. A good one to use to initiate Kava-doubters who claim they don’t feel anything.


Body -8.5/10

Flavor -8/10

Strength – Medium-High

Best for: End of the day relaxation, getting krunked on a week-night, weekend day Kava

Luna Kava Borogu – 8.3/10

Kalm with Kava’s Fiji Loa Waka comes from a farmer that the folks at Kalm with Kava personally know in Taveuni, Fiji.  There is nothing more reassuring to me as a farmer’s advocate all over the world than to hear that Kava vendors are developing meaningful relationships with Kava farmers. I believe this is the next frontier in the Kava world – turning the world’s best medicine into a social enterprise that can help give farmers in the Pacific Islands better incomes and opportunities.  I’ll be making a big announcement very soon on my own initiative to engage with Kava-growing communities in the South Pacific.

Fiji Loa Waka is divinely delicious, with a smooth milky texture and fresh taste. My first impression of this Kava was “wow, this stuff smells like it was just harvested and dried within the last few weeks!” This stuff goes down the hatch very smoothly and has a crisp finish that wouldn’t create a gag effect even in the greenest Kava drinker. I kneaded this stuff several different times and making it with chilled coconut milk was absolutely euphoric.

Fijian Kavas are known for being light, bubbly, and subtle. Loa Waka isn’t really like that at all. Loa Waka is made from 100% lateral roots and packs a 12% kavalactone content. The chemotype for this Kava is 463251 and its effects are immediately noticeable.

  • Strength (Mind) – 9/10
  • Strength (Body) – 7/10
  • Flavor – 10/10
  • Overall Strength: High – Strong


I appreciate a good trailblazer, or an entrepreneur coming out of nowhere and reinventing or reintroducing something. I feel like I kind of did that myself with the Kavasseur blog – helped fuel a soothing revolution to quell the nerves of those of us willing to sling back pond water tasting sludge on a regular basis.

Squanch is a newcomer to the Kava world, and I have never seen anything like them. They have some mysterious connection – I picture handshakes in coconut groves as baskets of Fijian Kava aggregate on a sago palm mat – to Kava farmers. And the quality of Kava is extremely high. It is soft, soothing, and very good to keep around as a daily Kava. It is the essence of an anti-anxiety Kava.

If you want to have a heavy session with Squanch Fijian Kava, you’re more than welcome to do so. I brewed a huge bowl (1 cup of root to 3 cups of water) and drank the whole thing within a day. The first few shells had me smiling and rocking away. The last few shells put me out. So you can gauge your own level of intake and make this a soothing or a shelling Kava.

Oh, and it tastes great 🙂

You can only buy directly from Squanch. Email: samsquanch1972(at)gmail.com

Effect (Mind) – 9/10

Effect (Body) – 8/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Variable and easily manipulatable into a nice relaxing Kava to a laying-down-on-the-bench getting stoned with islanders Kava. Medium strength

Good for – anxiety, social anxiety, stress, winding down, getting krunked

Squanch Fijian – 8.6/10

In a low risk move, I decided to venture back over to the Hawaiian Kava Center website to see what kind of potions Jonathon Yee has brewed up over the past months. After enjoying his Moi, Hiwa, and Nene, I decided to try something completely different – Pana Ewa.

This Kava squeezes out unusually dark – an almost chocolate-covered almond hue. But don’t let the color fool you. This stuff goes down as smooth as silk. It is delicious and has the perfect suite of smoothy, nutty, earthy tones.

While this Kava might come across initially as anti-anxiety warrior, it creeps in and sets you running for the nearest easy chair. It it what I would consider a jumpy Kava – hurtling you from complete relaxation and calmness to total giggliness and creativity. Don’t underestimate this Kava by throwing back too many shells before you’ve felt the first one. You might very well wake up in Port Villa laying on a bench (wait, that would be a good thing, right?)
Effect (Mind) – 9/10
Effect (Body) – 9/10
Flavor -9/10
Strength – Initial Medium Strength with a Strong Creeping Effect
Best for – Complete Relaxation at the end of the day, Weekend Kava, No next day efects
Overall – 9/10

Big Kava, a new player among many new players in the Kava world, comes out of the gates strong with a Premium Waka from Fiji. This Kava is a fine ground made from lateral roots. It is very fresh, very potent, and hits the spot as a daily Kava. This is probably the ideal anti-anxiety Kava, because it provides a very strong relaxing effect and puts your nerves to complete rest.

Effect (Mind) – 8.5/10
Effect (Body) – 7.5/10
Flavor – 9/10
Strength – Medium/Mildly Strong and very effective against anxiety
Best for – Relaxation, Anti-Anxiety, Sleep Aid

Big Kava Premium Waka – 8.3/10

Buy this Kava:

Premium Grade Kava Root Powder (1 lb) By Big Kava – USA Certified Noble Grade – High Quality – Super Relaxation – Bonus Kava Guide