Kavafied is one of the few Kava vendors that will send you dried Kava Roots hairs for a modest amount of coin. For $35, you get a pound of Kava Root Hairs. At first, my reaction to this big bag of roots and corm was “what the hell do I do with this?” I had heard whispers of putting it in a blender and making a powder that could be kneaded. But then I just popped a cigarette-sized root in my mouth and “got it.” Chewing Kava is totally different than drinking Kava. I might even blaspheme and say that it is more intense, more satisfying, and possibly even more efficient. The strength, flavor, and benefits hit you all at once as you masticate this wonderful medicine. I think I’ve found a new favorite way to consume Kava.

Squanch Kava’s Fijian Lawena is their second powder on the market, and it debuts along with their new website. This Kava is a real knock-out anxiety reliever. Having tried it twice already, both in the evening times, one characteristic I’ve noticed from this strain is a headiness that leads to some pretty intense “Kava Dreams.” If you are into lucid dreaming, and Kava acts as a dream enhancer to you (it does to me), then this will be a great Kava for you. If you also like a medicinal-grade Kava for anxiety relief, this should become your go to.

Squanch Kava – Fijian Lawena

Headiness – 9.5/10

Body – 9/10

Taste – 9.5/10

Strength – Medium-high strength, nighttime Kava

Good for – Stress relief, sleep aid, dream enhancer

Squanch Fijian Lawena – 9.33/10


Again, I recommend the AluBall for this (and all) powdered Kavas. It’s a quick and easy way to make potent and effective Kava. Make sure you double up the AluBalls!


Kavafied deliver again among a solid line of consistent, noble, fresh Kavas backed with awesome and speedy customer service. This Kava is excellent as a weekday Kava and a little bit goes a long way. A three and a half tablespoon session should mellow your brain and limbs and help you ease into the night. I would suggest this as a solid, medicinal-quality Kava for those who are really looking for relief from all kinds of worries…

Headiness – 9/10

Body – 9.5/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Medium-strength, nighttime or afternoon Kava

Good for – Ending a long day, nightcap, rounding out the rough edges

Kavafied Tonga Vava’u – 9.17/10

Great news! Kavasseur is back from Africa and preparing to do some new reviews in the coming weeks. First up I will be looking at Luna Kava’s Instant GREEN Kava, which I am super excited about. Then I’ll be heading back over to Kavafied for a review of the only Tongan I haven’t checked out.

-Le Kavasseur

Kalm with Kava’s micronized Kavas are similar to instant Kavas – you just mix them with water and are ready to drink your krunk juice! But the main difference is that they are not dehydrated from processed Kava, but rather milled until the Kava is fine enough to be prepared directly with water. So you get a huge rush of kavalactones without all the work of traditional preparation.

The feeling you will get from this Kava is strong, undebatable, and will leave you calm and happy. The Fijian and Tongan strains are a bit more relaxing and calming, while the Boronguru and Boguru Vanuatuan Kavas are a bit more sociable and good for milling about. Either way, you’re in good hands with these micronized Kavas.

Below I have posted some links to buy this micronized Kava on Amazon.com. By buying through these links, you help support my website and get really fast delivery!


Kavafied has revolutionized Kava on many different fronts – blends and blenders. After being really impressed by Tongan Eau and then even more impressed by the AluBall, a Kava-making product that has made making frothy shells of Kava into a two minute exercise session, I decided to delve back into Kavafied’s line of powders.

So, as seen in the above video review, I Double AluBalled a strong batch of Kavafied’s Fiji Waka and poured some frothy shells on a temperate winter evening in San Diego. I wanted to do a video review the first night I tried Fiji Waka, but I got totally couch locked and couldn’t have been bothered to even sign a paycheck.

Suffice it to say that Fiji Waka is a strong Fijian lateral root powder that will blow away your stress and put a big tropical smile on your face. It has a profound headiness to it that will make you giggle at the softness of chairs and yearn for your pillow in the evening. Your stress will drain out of you like rivers through a delta into a sea. It’s good for both calming the mind and warming the muscles. It’s a stunning Kava that is an immediate new favorite for me.

Headiness – 9.5/10

Body – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Strong, nighttime grade or weekend grade

Good for – Extra strong stress relief, deep relaxation, solo sessions and social sessions alike

Kavafied Fiji Waka – 9.12/10

Effects (Head) – 9/10

Effects (Body) – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Strong, Weeknight, Weekend Kava, Good Noble clean strength but certainly for full relaxation

Good for – Maximum effect, relaxation, elation, tranquility, euphoria

The Kava Roots Tongan Choice – 9/10