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**UPDATED 5/21/18**

Since my concerns about the burning of Kava, market collusion by vendors, and industry intervention from vested technocrats are being dismissed as conspiratorial, I want to keep this argument interactive and as updated as necessary. It has been pointed out that the Kava that was recently burned in Vanuatu was wild Kava, which may or may not be the case. If it is the case, I struggle to see how they attached economic value to wild Kava (anyone care to explain?). The real issue, though, is an issue of optics, politics, and intimidation. These kinds of symbolic displays are a reaction to recent efforts by local farmers and (yes) other vendors to legitimize the production, labeling, and exporting of safe Tudei varieties. The True Kava cartel, technocrats, and exporters are very happy that the price of Kava has doubled and tripled in recent years. Their efforts to create scarcity have more than paid off. I never advocated for the sale of wild Kava, which I agree is neither pleasant or desirable. Having had wild Kava before, I can assure all of you that it is not a good experience – BUT IT IS NOT TUDEI. The way that Kava Forums, the Reddit folks, and the True Kava cartel have conflated all of these issues more than proves the point that they are counting on an uninformed base of Kava drinkers to continue buying from their approved vendors. I have been friends (and some former friends) with most vendors in the Kava world. None of the good guys are happy about Kava prices going up. Most of them want to keep prices low and serve their customers. Have you ever asked yourself why Hawaiian Kava has tripled in price when supply from Hawaii has been stable? Have you ever wondered why the prices of Hawaiian Kava should be directly linked to the prices of Vanuatu Kava? Shouldn’t Hawaiian Kava be an affordable alternative – an industry giant? These bonfires of Kava in the South Pacific are political acts to make Vanuatu look like it is doing everything in its power to please Western scientists, vendors, and legal systems. Don’t forget, these are the same “scientists” who said that they would advocate for Vanuatu being banned from import into the European Union should the government of Vanuatu not comply with their demands. I have been ridiculed for calling this neo-colonialism. If you think that’s a ridiculous term then please go and do some research on neo-colonialism. I have spent much of my career analyzing agricultural markets in developing countries, and this is one of the most appropriate times I have ever deployed that word. Also see – biopiracy. Power to the people!

An update on the retirement of the Kavasseur website –

Not so fast, fellow Shellheads and Krunkaholics! Kavasseur still has a lot of business to take care of before he leaves the building.

I’ll be back in Baltimore for a week or so at the beginning of June.

While I’m there, I have some final Kava reviews to finish (will appropriately review my 100th Kava next!) and a few commentary videos to record.

Are there any questions about the Kava world or industry you’d like me to address? I’m an open book.

One thing is for sure – I will not spare the TK Forums one bit, nor their Reddit counterparts. These people systematically ruined the online Kava community for the sake of a few vendors’ failed attempts to corner the market. All will be told.

I have communications now to prove a shocking level of collusion, and certainly price control. The TK cartel have been conspiring to max out your credit cards for weak Nene, while convincing the Government of Vanuatu to literally burn Kava that puts their own Kava to shame. Thankfully, we still have Kava (for now) even though the Kava cartel is literally burning Tudei in Vanuatu. If you’ve ever studied history, you’ll remember when the United States burned cereal crops to keep prices high. This is exactly what is happening in Vanuatu right now, through coordinated efforts by Kava lords and bought scientists. This is what happens when money corrupts a good thing.

More soon….

Every now and then I revisit some of my old reviews. I originally reviewed Wakacon back in 2016, shortly after coming back a stressful time in South Sudan. It really helped get me through the rough points. Wakacon has also been resilient through the recent exponential price spikes that have occurred everywhere from Vanuatu to (inexplicably, as there are no import or container costs) Hawaii. Wakacon still stands the test, and is as good a Kava as ever.

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Kratom has become a very useful plant for many people overcoming drug addiction. It is also enjoyed recreationally by many people in our Kava community. Recently, Kratom has been targeted by the FDA under the Trump administration, an infringement on our capacity to make decisions for ourselves.

An attack on Kratom is an attack on Kava, period.

The Kavasseur believes in the rights of people to have access to natural remedies, and I will continue to provide unwavering support to maintaining the legality of the plants we enjoy and are nourished by.

Live Free or Die. Reject social conservatism!