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BREAKING: A copy of the trademark has been shared with me (below), confirming that the word “Bula” has now been trademarked to one man. The intention is for other people to not be able to use the word “Bula” – a Fijian greeting – in the names of their bars and potentially their vending operations.


It has come to my attention that the owner of “Bula on the Beach,” Ross Kashtan, has decided to TRADEMARK the Fijian word “Bula.”

This is completely unacceptable appropriation of another culure’s language. It reeks of colonialism and piracy.

I have verified that he has been granted the trademark by the US Government. Here is a post on Facebook from the group ‘Awa Koa ‘Awa Strong concerning the issue:

41767646_527877647625810_394497900098355200_n.jpgBoycott, protest, spread the word. Let the good people of the Pacific know that this guy is trying to trademark their language.




  1. He’s protecting his brand so no future kava bars can call themselves Bula so that if that bar was to do anything wrong or illegal it cant smear his business. Everyone can still say the word Bula they just cant name their bar bula. It’s just as if some company like Starbucks patenting their name so no future coffee places can use their name. It’s a smart business move to protect his brand of kava bars. Hes not stopping anyone from using the word Bula , they just cant name their bar Bula.

  2. There are already bars with “bula” in their name. This should be challenged. Period.

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