Shell with us! Baltimore Session

BULA kava fans!  Hope you all enjoy watching this vid as much as we all did putting it together.  As I grew up with the growing mainland U.S. kava culture over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing a many people to my favorite root.  It can be difficult getting into it, and I’d bet a lot of that is because some of the context is difficult to translate into the cultures where it is imported.   I say this with some reservation since I admit the most kava ingrained culture I’ve ever experienced is South Florida 🙂

Kava.  This stuff is great.  Some have found it useful as medicine.  Some drink it in place of alcohol, tobacco, or other vices they would rather avoid.  There is more to it though.  I want to look at what kava represents intrinsically.

I put together a this little project to really try and convey the whole package.   It’s sitting back, letting those eyes hang low, and listening to the subtle sounds of lovely contentment.

The bowl, the shells, the friends, the environment all contribute good vibes to the session.  Its a much more powerful feeling with others around to share it.  Krunk beget krunk.

Heres the link to the mix used in this this vid, curtesy of Nick, one of the co-stars.  |  |

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