Statement on Noble and Tudei

Just to clear up any confusion –

I have always advocated for properly labeled Kava. I believe that customers should be able to make informed decisions about what kind of Kava they buy and drink. If a customer wants Noble, they should be able to buy properly labeled Noble. If they want Tudei, the same. I wouldn’t want Noble-spiked Tudei, or vice versa.

Part of legitimizing Tudei is making a clear market for it. If there is market for Tudei, there is no incentive to “spike.” There are enough people out there trying to buy Tudei that there should be no incentive to mix it with Noble. In fact, Tudei can often be more expensive than Noble.

Bula, and enjoy this new chapter in Kava history!

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  1. The height of noble kava being spiked with tudei happened at a time when tudei already had it’s own clear market. Before the noble vs. tudei debate went international, before the widespread negative view was standard and before the modern kava boom started eating up all the noble and jacking the price up.

    If anything, with the current drought of common drinking kavas (nobles), the incentive to spike noble should be going up. So far, we haven’t seen this, but I think that’s probably because of the extreme pressure and heightened awareness of the past few years. Had kava’s popularity risen to this degree without the Noble vs. Tudei debacle ever occurring, you could bet the scene would be a mess right now, with the majority of kava sold being spiked with tudei and whatever else.

    Anyway, I think that’s one thing that people on both sides of the argument always agreed on, was that the kava should be properly labeled. I actually think the greatest benefit of tudei, or I should say Isa, or maybe even just ‘high-DHM kava’ IS combing it with noble kava. I just like to be in control on a daily basis on what percentage I’m going to ‘spike’ kava, or if I choose to do so at all.

    Side-note on tudei pricing, if it grows quicker and easier, is more resilient and requires less work to grow; should it really cost more or even the same ?

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