True Kava Banned from Kava Forums

Shells raised to the Kava Forums tonight, for banning the divisive and resentful owner of True Kava. It is truly great to see this after his shocking and possibly criminal behavior. A truly great day for Kava!

It is now established that True Kava either runs or works closely with Kava Leaks, Kava Sewer, and sites that divert traffic from American Kava Association. I would also venture to say that this further suggests that the cyberattacks and personal threats that I received came from True Kava.


  1. Just a heads up, I did like 10 minutes of research using WHOIS and came to the conclusion that the Kava Forums has made a huge (and possibly costly) mistake in citing the reasons for his ban. This is really, really bad. Be careful what you say until you get all the facts which will be revealed soon. Glad to see that you and the Kava Forums are on good terms. When do you go back to take your rightful place on the throne? But don’t go back until this blows over. You can get it back on the cheap.

    1. I have an email from Stoner admitting that he bought Kavasewer. That’s really all the evidence one needs to understand his “tactics.”

      True Kava is dead. Long live Kava!

  2. First off, the procurement of the domain was 100 percent legal and occurred 3 years ago more or less. There is more to the story but I’m not in the loop because of possible legalities. In fact, I don’t want to be in the loop for that reason. lol. Anyway, it’s good to see both you and Shakas toeing the line on Tudei. It’s a common sense approach and one that Vanuatu has taken in order to attempt to secure more markets for its product. Good luck going forward.

    1. Well, every statement I have made has been based on information I have received. I have never made any knowingly false statement about a vendor or tester. I have been threatened multiple times and even offered hush gifts. It’s all really bizarre and unfortunate. I have never impersonated anyone, but can see at Kava Leaks that I am being impersonated. Truly weird and unbecoming of Kava advocates

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