A New Chapter

Now that certain “loose ends” have been addressed, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

The Kavasseur website will now be focusing on reviews and fun videos. I will finish my “History of the Online Kava Community” as well. Some of those videos might trigger memories of recent frustrations, so certain people might want to avoid those.

Additionally, I am now fully supportive of Kava Forums. I hope it finds a positive way forward and I’m pleased to see it moving in a better direction. I hope it can once again become an unbiased source for crowd sourced information and Kava reviews.

Also, much more blogging from my guest author Senor Chuggs. And applications are open for others who might want to contribute!




  1. Your sucking up is painful to watch, but keep at it – you and Jidd might actually suck hard enough to get you back on KF so you can reclaim your throne. JP is weak, so play nice, keep trying! You know that’s really what it’s all about, don’t you?

    And that’s why we haven’t seen part 4, too. roflmao!!!

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