1. I tried replying to your post over on LeakyKava, but it hasn’t shown up. Not sure if is pending approval, or if it fell afoul of the party line. Anyhow, here’s what I said there:

    It is a bit mad. (Your “this is peak madness comment.) Kavaleaks and Kavasseur both keep sniping at each other as if the kava world needs to be divided into two camps.
    It’s KAVA. Remember to drink it and, you know, relax 🙂
    For what it’s worth, that “kavasewer” parody site was a low blow and in very poor taste. But jumping to conclusions about GHK’s Craigslist ad is also a little bit, uh, less than good. Chris grows kava all over the Big Island. He’s a lifelong arborist with family and business connections all over the place, and plenty of safe places to grow kava. It’s just not all in one farm.
    I belive Chris’s explanation that the Craigslist ad was jist a feeler to see what kind of locals are selling/stealing kava. Nobody would have responded to the ad if it didn’t sound juicy.
    And you know what? Hardly anyone would have known that was Chris’ ad if I hadn’t recognized his phone number and responded on the forums that that’s whose number it was. I regret doing that, but at the sams time… I’m no Sherlock, and somebody else could have done the same and put a different spin on it. I contacted Chris first and let him know that there was a reddit post about . He was like “Yeah, that’s me. I responded already cause I have nothing to hide.”
    How about the time Matt and Judd fired off that “open letter to the community” under the assumption that Javaman was working directly for GHK? Once everyone figured out what was really going on, they were cool about it. They didn’t keep insisting that TrueKava or GHK are plotting take over the kava industry.
    And who posted that reddit thread about Chris’ CL ad? Jeff Bowman of Nakamal @ Home.
    Anyway, this Kavaleaks site kinda rubs me the wrong way, especially since it seems to be exclusively for mudslinging and gossip. But Kavasseur.com sure hasn’t had many kava reviews lately either. Doug, if I’m ever in Baltimore I’d love to treat you and Sr. Chuggs to a solid kava session. I miss y’all just shelling and talking about the grog. Maybe I am a “noble youth” but I LIKE you. I’m not out to hurt anyone’s kava business.
    Peace out, mahalo nui loa, mo lukim yu bakeken!

    1. Thanks for the level-headed and thoughtful response. 🙂 One of the reasons I have been particularly upset about a certain vendor is that their level of dishonesty and evasion seems to know no boundaries. People literally took days out of their lives to go and visit, and were taken on wild goose chases. I, for one, don’t really buy the “test” explanation for the Craigslist ad. If poachers did see that Ad, they could have easily been motivated to steal more Kava. As you know, this happens all the time in Hawaii. To encourage it is irresponsible. And don’t forget that my question-asking led to people attacking my site incessantly. WordPress had to step in and recover my site three separate times. They said it was all from malicious attacks. My goal has always been to get the Kava community back to where it was prior to basement chemists and witchhunts. We had a good thing going.

      1. Chris actually claimed it was to find out how much ISA was growing in Hawaii. Not the best way to find ISA or tudei. Before that, Garry claimed somebody was faking his identity to make him look bad (familiar?).

      2. Yeah, all of those arguments are totally ludicrous. The thing is, I wouldn’t care if there weren’t so many lies. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

      3. Sandeep, that’s right! I forgot all about that.

        After I exposed him for soliciting poached Kava on Craigslist, Mr. Stoner tirelessly attacked me and accused me of somehow being behind the whole thing. Shortly after, the culprit himself admitted to putting the ad up (I mean, his phone number WAS in the advertisement itself). Somehow, the Noble Youth fell right in line and thought it perfectly reasonable to inspire people to invade, poach, and illegally sell Kava on Craigslist. It is reprehensible behavior, and worthy of a boycott.

        Yeah, this is very familiar behavior. I’m sure Mr. Boner is the one behind LeakyKava. I do have to give him credit for being clever. He puts a lot of effort into his diatribes (much more than me). Someone with an imagination like that could easily be pushing an agenda for monetary gain – or simply for power. To have so much power with both the technocrats and the sharks is impressive.

    2. Also, I can guarantee you without a doubt that Jeffrey Bowman didn’t post that thread about the solicitation for poached Kava on Craigslist. I know exactly who posted it. You would be surprised to know the truth, but I’ll let you meditate on it 🙂

      1. Okay. Maybe /u/SouthFloridaKava was somebody else. You are right that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Whoever it was, their choice of a username didn’t do any favors for the S. Fla. kava community.

        Likewise I have no idea who’s behind KavaLeaks, though I _do_ know who was behind “KavaSewer”. It’s not for me to spill the beans. I’ll just sit back and have some shells. Speaky softly, and carry one big tanoa.

  2. Would you please put your story about the on line kava community in writing. I don’t have time to listen to 45 minutes of pontification when a 5 minute essay would suffice. Also, people invite themselves to visit the kava farms in hawaii and the owner does not have the time or the inclination to show them the inner workings of his business. Duhhhhh! Any businessman would do the same but you will never understand that. Anyway, it makes good fodder for your on going war against Freshly Harvested Nobel Kava..

    1. Well, an actual indigenous islander went to visit and was diverted and lied to. White Man didn’t find it necessary to show an islander his goods. Sad!

      1. > Nothing. I didn’t mention anything about “race.”

        “indigenous islander” … “White Man”… okayyyy. Sounds like Bill Clinton’s definition of what the word “is” means.

        Anyway, it’s Hawaii. One of the most diverse and plural states in the US. As long as you are a decent and respectful person, Hawaiians give zero f**ks what kine parents you get.

      2. Fair enough. This isn’t really a core issue to me. But I do think it’s sucks that someone went all the way to Hawaii to see this farm and was diverted at every opportunity.

      3. To the best of my knowledge, Matt didn’t ask to see the farm. Matt’s mom lives in Volcano village. Chris gave her free ʻawa to plant at her house. “Going all the way to Hawaii” for Matt was a family visit, with a small side trip to say hi to Chris.

      1. I don’t visit the Kava Forums, because I was banned. I only lurk there sometimes to see what the TK cartel is up to 🙂

    2. No, I will not transcribe my videos to text.

      And you are welcome to visit my 45-acre cocoa farm in Ghana at any time.

  3. Part 5. The self imploding fate of True Kava and the celebration by real kava drinkers around the world. Part 6. Chris’ alleged 1000 acre kava farm and compliant GMP mobile home facility is announced to be conveniently swallowed up by the Kiluea lava flow along with his reputation and consumer confidence rating.

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