Kava Dot Com – Tudei Kava Root

This is a moderately strong Tudei Kava that is very clean and has no negative next day effects. It is a great introductory Tudei at a very good value. I used five tablespoons to 2 litres of water and consumed it over two hours. The following day I had pleasant “glowing” effects – reduced anxiety and tension. Bula!

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  1. DUDE this kava rocked! I’ve had other “tudeis” before too, and this one was particularly good. The idea that every kava variety falls cleanly into the “Noble” bucket or the “Tudei” bucket is oversimplification at best.

    whenever I’m shelling out with tudei, I ususally end up having a mellower kava later on to round out the session if i have one in the house. I agree that the taste can be unpleasant.

    Also its worth mentioning that since the tudei krunk is longer lasting (due to more double bonded kavalactones), you really can get away with using less kava in your batches. A weaker grog can be much more palatable.

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