1. This has become my favorite Kava! I don’t get any of the Internet hyped negative effects. I think there’s something going on that we don’t know about with the Tudei v Noble thing because this stuff was truly great kava and was much more medicinal than the nobles i drink. I found that it’s great if you have muscle pain or tension headaches or can’t sleep. I normally have to overconsume noble stuff to get the medicinal effect from two shells of this ISA. I actually feel MORE sluggish from the amount of noble I have to drink as opposed to two shells of this. I hope more people try what they’ve been hating on because you’d have to be retarded not to see the value and purpose and the Papuan cultural appreciation of this variety of kava.

    I can’t speak for all tudei kavas everywhere but the root of happiness ISA branded stuff is great and has less next day effects than nobles for me. I’m so happy that Doug isn’t afraid to call it how it is. I couldn’t agree more with his assessment.

    1. On point on needing to overconsume Noble. No need to Tanoa-stand on some weak Nene to get a buzz, just reach for a few shells of Isa!

  2. I’ve never had straight Tudei before. This is so different. I could tell by smell in the 1st min I squeezed it out traditional method,, that it was gonna be a lights out session. Wow describes it best !

  3. how does this ISA compare to other ISAs like from nakamal at home, kava by rex, and the old ISA from paradise kava and koniak?

    would it be the strongest isa on the market?

    how would the psychoactive affects be different to regular noble.?

    1. Definitely better than Kava by Rex – by a longshot.

      Nakamal at Home’s Hawaiian Isa is phenomenal (I’ll do a review soon), the Isa from Paradise Kava is very similar to the Nakamal at Home one.

      I’d put this on par with Koniak, and I believe Koniak also came from Madang. This Kava is more blatantly “Isa” than Koniak, but has all the mind-dazzling qualities.

  4. This has become my favourite go-to kava. Thank you so much for letting us all know about it. I have a feeling that many people are starting to wake up to the fact that legitimate kavas like ISA has its place in the market. Theres no good reason not to have access to such a strong, therapeutic kava like this one. I’m sick of having noble noble noble crammed down my throat on the internet. Truth is half of it SUCKS. I will drink this ISA any day of the week over some weak garbage from the noble conspirators.

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