1. Greetings. I emailed Paulie a week ago about the blend. Here is his reply….Bula, Charlie

    Malo e lelei Charlie,

    Thanks for contacting us! Our new Kava was Blended out of a need to hit the perfect balance of heady and heavy. It is a strong Kava, long lasting but not overpowering. It makes a good weekday Kava after a tough day at work. We have blended three Kava’s from Vanuatu, Fiji and Samoa to create all the best elements of each.

    Paul (Paulie-Paul) Goodwin

  2. Paulie’s stuff always seems to be great, his “Tongan Exclusive Choice” kava from a couple years back was possibly THE most effective Tongan root I’ve ever had. Too bad his current options are $40 for a half-pound plus slow & expensive international shipping.

    Looks like you whipped up a pretty massive dose there, it’s always fun to see how visibly affected some people get. I rarely get anywhere close, despite my best efforts.

    1. Yeah. I was on a different planet. Absolutely stunning. Great to get away from all the bullshit and just enjoy the Roots

  3. Good review. People might actually start visiting this Web Site again if you got rid of all the BS posts and go back to your roots so to speak. Those BS posts benefit others but sad to say, not you.

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