Five extra bulas to Tropical Nectar for this one. I made an ultra strong batch after 30 hours of traveling and managed to get in NINE hours of sleep last night after crossing five time zones. This stuff is amazingly effective. I strong sashed from about 5 PM to 8 PM and uploaded this video. Was asleep before it finished uploading and am just getting it on the site now 😀

Bula to the hula!

A couple of animals I ran into in Zimbabwe 

Here’s a picture I took tonight  (10/11/17) in Harare, Zimbabwe

And a picture from Ghana in July hanging out with a rock python:

I will be on humanitarian missions to Zimbabwe, Malawi, and then Ghana for the next month or so. I’ll try and smuggle in some Kava for a review in an exotic location (Tropical Nectar, a new vendor and Tongan Reserve from Kava Roots) and will likely be successful. So you could be in store for some interesting reviews! As always, my commitment is to evangelize about the healing properties of Kava and to help people buy Kava from ethical and reputable vendors.