The perfect blend of mellow flavor and potent punch, this is a magnificent daily Kava the will check the boxes of anyone looking for “the one” that will carry them through stress. Imagine spending all day on a multi-million dollar budget and barely nudging it out at the last minute. That was me today. I came home irritable and upset – this stuff washed over me like a waterfall. So good. This is, without exaggeration, one of the top 5 best Kava powders I have ever had.

Also, I’ve been told that all proceeds from this Kava go back to the village where it was grown! This will ensure that Kava can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Buy Kava Tonga here!

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What a magnificent treat! Fresh Isa frozen and shipped from the Hawaiian Islands, facilitated by my good friends at Root of Happiness.

Fresh Isa has a piney taste which is much more refreshing than dried Isa (Tudei). Kalactone content is off the charts. This stuff rolls over you like a couple hundred soft pillows. It melts away muscle pain and puts you in a meditative trance. 

Krunk lasted a good two hours, and we followed up with some fresh Nene – best Nene I’ve ever had.

No next day effects, except for an increased appreciation for an increasingly diverse Kava marketplace 🙂