1. I am interested in trying roh but hesitant due to the reddit grade c and the skepticism on kava forums. Is roh root confirmed noble? Us the quality up there with bkh, ghk, kavafied, kava time, etc?

  2. I have no idea what the “reddit grade c” reference may be all about. My own observations: I ordered the half-pound bag size of ROH Vanuatu waka. The first spoonfuls of kava from the top of the bag were very finely ground and stained the nylon micro mesh strainer bag slightly with the color of turmeric. They produced strong effects, in my estimation. The strainer slowly became less porous over several days using this kava, suggesting it was becoming “plugged up”. I now notice that the kava at the bottom of the bag has a somewhat coarser texture than the first spoonfuls though well within the expected range for kava grinds, and it is my perception that the bottom of the bag produced less effective kava drink than the first few spoons from the top.

    I would not hesitate to call this kava noble. I would point out that (1) I do not think that the Fijian definition of noble kava is necessary for kava to be safe (2) I admit that Vanuatu sells a lot of different kava varieties and is the most likely place to find unusual varieties including the non-noble ones — but there’s a lot of expertise in the market place protecting you there as well.

      1. I just tried ROH Superior Fijan batch SF-F071817 and got no effect. I did 3 shells (3 TBS) over a 1.5 hour period and unfortunately didn’t feel a dam thing. I’ll give it a go again tomorrow.

  3. @Leigh S.Jones I always pour my kava into sealable, airtight boxes like tupperware or similar so that I can mix it all well around and get a mixture of the larger pieces and the powder so I get an evenness of effects.

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