(Artifacts of) The War on Kava

So many things wrong with this. But who ever thought Kava would be the scapegoat for “subversive wife syndrome?” And also, she’s an alcoholic and an Aderall addict? Why does this belittled man need to even mention Kava here when those other culprits are lurking in the background? If someone is losing weight, acting irrational, and losing sleep you might want to look into the meth before you make it all about the Chamomile tea.


  1. Kava is not addictive, Adderall and alcohol aren’t sold in kava bars, and she is “spending $400 to $600 a month at the kava bar” (1:09 in the video). It would be interesting to know what “kava” bar she frequents and what she is drinking, I think this calls for more research.

  2. It’s annoying that he starts the entire thing with Kava and Kratom as the focus. Clearly edited that way, to present the more ‘exotic’ substances first and set the image of some just trying to get high however they can..ignoring that those substances are often used to get away from more harmful dependencies.

    Preaching to the choir I know! I also would like to know where she is spending $400-$600 a month and on what.

    1. Yeah, exactly. And there is an equivalency made between Kava and alcohol, with Kava being more emphasized. The evidence on alcohol being incredibly unhealthy and dangerous is overwhelming, and no such risks are seen in Kava.

  3. Kava gets little mention in this video, and much more attention is given to kratom. This show (link to full episode below) was originally promoted under the title “”My Wife Spends Thousands on Kratom Tea”. Those involved live in Florida (13:25 in the video below), and mention is made of Ian Mautner, whose 2014 death in Broward County Florida was attributed to kratom (26:10).

    All considered, it appears that kava would not have been mentioned in this video at all were it not for its association with kratom (a common practice in kava bars which was initiated in Florida).

    This emphasizes the vital need to separate these two vastly different botanicals, and maintain the reputation of kava by discouraging the sale of kratom in kava bars.

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37vhd2 .

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