1. The errors is this video are too numerous to mention, but it all falls apart at 6:12 anyway, where you state: “They made these two groups, two day and noble”. The distinction between noble and two day kava does not originate in the 2002 German ban, it was made long prior and is well documented in South Pacific culture, as well as Allertonia Vol 5 No 2 (1987) and “Kava – the Pacific Drug” 1992.

  2. Hi there,
    I think the Kavasseur know this part of the kava history, nine months ago he has written :

    “Tudei Kava is usually consumed only for “medicinal” and “ceremonial” purposes in the South Pacific. It is a variety of Kava that everyday Kava drinkers avoid because of its side effects. In countries like Fiji, farmers don’t plant Tudei Kava and most people despise it. Also, it has a complicated history because it was connected (erroneously) to the Kava ban in Europe”

    It was just a “raccourci” (sorry it’s a french word means “a shortcut way to explain”).

    Peace and Bula 🙂 !

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