1. Obviously the screen shot itself isn’t the bombshell. The testimony to an admission of “assuming what you’re trying to prove” is the bombshell.

      1. Your entire position on Tudei Kava was fabricated for political, economic, and legal expediency. The scientists who argued the case that led to the Tudei Ban admitted that it was based on nothing but the need to argue for Kava’s safety – scapegoating Tudei was the route of least resistance.

      2. Look up teleology in the dictionary. The Tudei ban is based on teleological logic – assuming what you are trying to approve.

    1. It’s not an opinion. It’s the description of an event where two prominent Kava scientists admitted to putting their agenda before their science.

      1. It is a facebook post describing an *alleged* exchange between the author and two scientists. The scientists published peer-reviewed journal articles stating the exact opposite of what the facebook dude is alleging, but hey, who cares when the facebook dude’s agenda is clearly in line with yours

      2. So you believe that their published positions are false, and that they revealed their true agenda to Jonathan Yee? I suggest you contact them personally, and let us know what they say about this matter.

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