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With all of the controversy about Kava alliances, farm sizes, Noble vrs. Tudei opinions, and Forums at full “insanity mode” I have made the choice to pull away from all the noise and get back to doing Kava reviews. I will still share Kava news on this website, including advances in Kava as a medicine, but I am going to steer clear of any and all conversations about controversies in the Kava “community.”


Kava root is safe. That’s the important thing. Whether you are drinking Noble Kava or Tudei Kava, you will be fine. Do different Kavas have different levels of flavokavain B? Yes. Are Kavas with slightly higher levels of flavokavain B dangerous? No. All Kavas have flavokavain B in them. The only risk is when Kava isn’t properly processed or stored, if it is mixed with aerial parts of the plant, or if it is mixed with foreign substances.

The discussion concerning Gourmet Hawaiian Kava I delved in to last month was a regrettable one. I didn’t have the need to jump into such a meandering discussion about documents I myself haven’t seen. I was told that he imports and relabels Kava, and I jumped the gun and repeated that information without confirming it. I then went down a rabbit hole of cross-examining his claims about his farm size and the back-and-forth spiraled out of control. I wasn’t the only person involved in this, and a lot of regrettable things were said by a lot of otherwise good people. I do apologize to Gourmet Hawaiian Kava for those original claims. I have no desire to pursue that line of inquiry any further.

We all have our favorite cultivars, but the reality is that Kava-growing countries buy Kava from smallholder farmers and “batches” of Kava are often mixed with different stuff. Some vendors get small batches from particular family farmers that have good consistency. But most Kava is aggregated and blended. That is simply how agriculture works in the developing world, and nothing is going to change that.

Bula! And peace in the Kava world…


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  1. Hello/Bonjour Douglas,

    I’am a serious follower of your blog since several months, and I appreciate a lot your tests and the way you are, seem to be a very good person. I suffer since many years from social anxiety and thanks to you I’ve discovered something real which can help me. I hope you will keep doing what you’re doing for a long time. As a person said to me one day about TV Shows, watching you on your videos, makes you be part of family :). In your last posts, you have said that you will open a forum tomorrow, do you still confirm it ? :). I will be one of the future posters :)… Peace and Bula from France.

    1. There has been a delay in opening the new forum. For the meantime, please check out the Kavasseur sub-Reddit r/Kavasseur

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