Tanoa Talk 6

In part two, I apologize for not mentioning other prominent and high quality vendors like Kavafied, and the Kava Roots. I was trying to remember all the good vendors off the top of my head. Was literally just using the bags that were spread around me on the kitchen counter as a reference (or, in real terms, my Nakamal)    🙂




  1. Enjoyed the videos, looking forward to those new BHK reviews you mentioned. Appreciate that you seem to be focusing a bit on smaller scale vendors / less known ones. Two questions:

    1. Where do you get those nice smaller shells? I’ve ordered from a couple of vendors, all I get are the large 12oz-ish shells….it does the trick but they curve in a little too much making them more suited to novelty drinks.

    2. Do you ever find Kava effects inconsistent within the same cultivar? I normally have consistent results, but some of the more ethereal blends / cultivars seem particularly sensitive to setting. Tongan Family Reserve has this effect for me. Sometimes it’s blissful, others I can barely feel an effect.

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