Root of Happiness – Samoan

This is a very unique Kava. It tastes like peanut butter – or peanut milk. It has an instant wash-over feeling and stays consistently mellow throughout the session. A great long-session Kava to close out a rough day or a perfect novelty Kava that all Kava drinkers should try at least once. I’ve been in this game for a long time and this is the first time I’ve had a Samoan Kava.

Root of Happiness – Samoan


  1. The distinct flavor you’re noticing is a byproduct of baking the kava. I happened to buy RoH Samoan right after to some experiments with baking kava powder and flat-ironing kava powder — the resulting flavor was the same. It makes a gentle, more food-like taste, kinda like toasted flour.

    I found this Samoan kava to be quite mild and lightly heady. I haven’t had any luck, in terms of potency, with any of the RoH kavas I’ve had.

    I wonder what the physiological reasons are for Sr. Chuggs’ ability to feel the complete and fullest effects of a kava, the moment the 1st shell gets in his mouth. Hopefully I can use CRSPR to add this to my genetics.

    1. I’ve only had the Instant and the Samoan. The Instant was easily the best Instant I’ve had. I liked the Samoan a lot, a nice day time calming Kava. Chuggs has instantaneous reactions to Kava, lol. I drink enough Kava to where I can feel it a few minutes after I chug. It’s this kind of “washing over” feeling. But the full effects sneak up, and they certainly sneak up on Chuggs! He breaks the Krunkometer almost every session.

  2. I really like the Samoan and bought more. It’s more like a Tongan than anything else to me. Sort of light and euphoric but has a bit of balance to it. I enjoyed it. I also found mixing it 1:1 with the RoH Solomons worked out well for the Solomons grind.

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