1. As I mention in the comment section on your YouTube channel, I am intrigued by this instant kava from Root of Happiness. There is a problem though. Shipping to Canada is approx. $45 U.S. Which is about $60 Cdn. Why are they charging so much when other U.S. Vendors are more reasonably priced for shipping. I reached out to then about this outrages shipping charge but they never responded. That is not the customer service I look for from a vendor. Very disappointed. I may have to place a large order to offset the ridiculous cost of shipping, but honestly, I don’t think they deserve my business because they ignored me. That is not to say they don’t have great quality products, just a snag in the road to happiness I guess.

  2. Update: The Root of Happiness has made a ‘custom shipping option’ which is much more reasonable. I accepted and place an order of the Instant Kava, 70% Kavalactone CO2 extract & extract paste. Three items in total. This, I believe, will give me a good idea if I will continue to purchase more in the future. I am excited to try out these items and wish to thank you for pointing me in their direction. I always look to you for guidance in this wonderful world of kava. Thank you!

    1. I don’t know if GHK sells instants. I do know they sell Micronized, which is different (finely blended Kava that can be mixed with water and swallowed). Instant Kava is made from fresh Kava juice that is dehydrated and turned into a powder. This is the best Instant I’ve had. It’s very potent and comes pretty close to a fresh Kava drinking session.

      1. Interesting. I didn’t know that Chris made fresh Kava juice and then cooked it into Instant Powder. That’s surprising because he says he just wants to stick to traditional Kava preparation methods

    2. I have had GHK instants . I find it to be weak , ineffective , overpriced and very slow delivery like all of GHK shipments

  3. For balance I find GHK instants to be excellent, Nene my favourite. Try getting kava to the UK and then complain about slow shipping. It is coming from Hawaii as well!

    Doug… is this instant heady or heavy?

    1. Glad you like it! I just haven’t tried it. I find the Root of Happiness Instant to be very balanced, if not a bit on the Stoney side. That’s how I am describing things these days – as “Stoney,” “medicinal” (that is, calming and anxiety reducing), “balanced,” and “heavy” (full body buzz with a looming heavy sleep).

      1. That makes perfect sense, I’m going to wait for some reviews of their other products and then place an order probably with quite a bit of this instant in there. Thanks.

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