So many things wrong with this. But who ever thought Kava would be the scapegoat for “subversive wife syndrome?” And also, she’s an alcoholic and an Aderall addict? Why does this belittled man need to even mention Kava here when those other culprits are lurking in the background? If someone is losing weight, acting irrational, and losing sleep you might want to look into the meth before you make it all about the Chamomile tea.

In part two, I apologize for not mentioning other prominent and high quality vendors like Kavafied, and the Kava Roots. I was trying to remember all the good vendors off the top of my head. Was literally just using the bags that were spread around me on the kitchen counter as a reference (or, in real terms, my Nakamal)    🙂



This is a very unique Kava. It tastes like peanut butter – or peanut milk. It has an instant wash-over feeling and stays consistently mellow throughout the session. A great long-session Kava to close out a rough day or a perfect novelty Kava that all Kava drinkers should try at least once. I’ve been in this game for a long time and this is the first time I’ve had a Samoan Kava.

Root of Happiness – Samoan