Video Review of Root of Happiness Fresh Mahakea Kava

Unfortunately, this heavenly Kava is only available at Root of Happiness Kava bars, but I managed to convince the owner to send me an overnight bag of frozen Mahakea. It was the best Kava experience I’ve had in years. Enjoy the video!


  1. I live in Sac and I’m from fiji 40+ years of kava drinking. The Roots of Happiness bars serve fresh Kava daily, but it looks like you got a hold of a special batch. Usually their green Kava is frozen from Fiji. Nonetheless, Im thankful they dont just put powder in water and call it kava. Nice review, Northern California islanders agree with you.

  2. Fresh Mahakea, high frequency “dude” verbiage, enthusiastic acknowledgement of the undeniable superiority of fresh green kava — I’d fit right in!

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