Tanoa Talk 4 (Kavasseur Podcast)

“Hi Shakas, that is the key, to have a cycle that can keep up with the
demand, I am still planting and making the cycle even better. I am
planning on expanding the acreage I have in kava, soon I will have a
full 50 acres with kava.”
– Chris Allan, on the Kava Forums, April 1, 2014

“YOu asked for it and I am working on it right now, I have the largest
Kava farm in Hawaii with over 120 acres now planted with kava and it is
always growing.”
-Chris Allan, on the Kava Forums, December 23, 2014

“I have about 120 acres of Kava.”
“I have 600 acres of mature Kava and 400 acres of young Kava. I have several thousands of acres I am yet to plant so more is coming.”
– Chris Allan, on Reddit r/Kava, November 2016

“I talked to my lawyer, and he says this guy is toast.” Meaning Kavasseur, as “this guy,” for pointing out inconsistent claims.
– Chris Allan, on the Kava Forums, July 2017

**NOTICE** This will be the last blog entry I make that has anything to do with Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, True Kava, or the Kava Forums. I have presented my case and will leave it to everyone to decide where they stand. Thanks for listening! New reviews coming soon.

This went on a bit longer than intended, but I needed to respond to some important issues going on in the Kava community.

(Videos below)

I didn’t respond to one issue here that I think is important to mention. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has asserted that they will not show their Kava farm to anyone because they are afraid of theft. They have had visitors come and go without seeing their Kava farm. There are many Kava farms in Hawaii that allow visitors to come and see their Kava, and even allow people to come as interns and learn how to grow Kava with them. This whole idea that if Gourmet Hawaiian Kava shows a picture of their farm there is going to be some mob of thieves is completely ludicrous (and deeply suspicious).

I am a farmer, and I understand crop theft. But by taking a picture of your farm or giving someone a tour, you are not increasing the odds of crop theft. Nobody is asking for the geographical coordinates of your farm. In fact, my impression is that most people who have visited went as friends who are simply interested in seeing the farm. I have never heard one eye-witness report of this Garden of Eden Kava farm that Gourmet Hawaiian Kava claims to have. Again, the burden of proof is not on me. I grow cocoa – a highly valuable crop – and I would be glad to give anyone a tour of my farm should they ever visit me in Ghana.

*By the way, the claim was 19% Kavalactones by dry weight, not 22%. But still more than 12% off of TK’s tests:



  1. Hey I’m gonna give my armchair critique, but let me start by saying The Tanoa Talks are great. I like that rather than try to parse through a review about a particular kava, the reader can see the Kavasseur enjoying kava and letting the kava guide the discussion. Its a good way to do videos with kavas that you might already have reviewed in the past.. or just switch things up topic-wise. Your readers also have a chance to get their questions answered. Its good stuff.

    Now please know I say this with respect… Let. This. GHK nonsense. GO! … Your thoughts on all this have been made very clear. And trust me, as someone who is still allowed on the forums [for now], I can already tell that you have sewn the seeds of skepticism that you intended. In fact, to that end, your banishment from the forums was rather effective. I know it feels like this needs to be resolved, but everyone is just circling through the same accusations…. its clear there will not be all the answers anytime soon.

    I told you I pointed a friend to this blog a few days ago, but I told him to scroll past all these recent posts. Yes, even the 5 part video discussion I was featured on. Why? because the drama is only interesting if the reader has a stake in Kava Forums drama. You say yourself that 95% of kava drinkers don’t care. I dont want the other 5% to get you so worked up that you start polluting your awesome kava blog with drama may not resonate with a lot of your readers.

    And look, I’ve never ran a blog before. Im a reader, not an expert. That said, I think the Kavasseur’s hands are best seen holding a shell… rather than pointing a finger.

    By the way, Whats with the sunglesses? Is that to help the eye infection heal? or have you been taking notes from Guy Fieri? I actually think it adds a nice touch.

    1. Excellent points. You are rather correct that it’s distracting the average Kava drinker and playing into the hands of those who want to control the discussion. I’m done with this topic, and will be moving on to bigger and better things now like Squanch, Bula Kava House, Kava Time, etc. As for the sunglasses, definitely the Guy Fieri angle.

  2. So just to recap:

    1) Gourmet Hawaiian Kava gets endorsed by True Kava as the only guaranteed non-Tudei seller
    2) A few other, smaller vendors get endorsed who are not likely a threat to Gourmet Hawaiian Kava’s business
    3) Gourmet Hawaiian Kava and True Kava slowly monopolize the Kava enthusiasts at the Kava Forums and turn away both everyday Kava drinkers and Kava vendors
    4) The Kava Forums then makes an announcement that they are going after vendors who are affiliated in any way with Kratom – even if a vendor provides Kratom to a Kava bar that sells Kratom on its own will
    5) I get upset because they are essentially marginalizing some of the most important vendors of the past decade
    6) I begin hearing things out of Hawaii about GHK running a shady operation that no one has truly seen
    7) Looking back through posts, I find tons of inconsistent statements by GHK about the kavalactone content of their products, the size of their farms, the variety of their cultivars, etc.
    8) I get banned from the Kava Forums
    9) Looking into other areas of the internet, I find claims by GHK that they have SEVERAL THOUSAND acres of land, including 600 acres of mature Kava (this is literally tens of millions of dollars worth of Kava that could likely satisfy the North American market for a few years), and 400 acres of young Kava.
    10) It gets leaked to the Kava Forums
    11) Kava Forums freaks out again and puts the thread into another obscure folder

    I guess I missed the step where True Kava and the Kava Forums turned on both Bula Kava House (though a bit earlier) and then Nakamal at Home prior to the Kratom Madness and accused them of selling Tudei, which is an obvious attempt to get more business for Gourmet Hawaiian Kava. In essence, a kind of defamatory fraud against their competition.

  3. Hi, I replied to your earlier post here about GHK but you didn’t respond to my question, instead you just deleted the entire thread. My comment was that I have drank lots of GHK and it always tastes and smells like Hawaiian awa, which hopefully you know by now has a distinctive taste and aroma. So how can GHK be misleading people if their kava tastes, smells and has the effects of Hawaiian kava? I know Hawaiian awa from many experiences here in Hawaii where I harvested it myself or got it directly from friends who grow it, I have also drank tons of kava from other regions, and there is a difference. I have never drank any kava from GHK that tasted like kava from any other region but Hawaii.

    1. I have only deleted my own posts, and the comments that went with them. At any rate, many things can affect the flavor of Kava particularly the equipment used to process

    2. Also, Hawaiian Kava tastes a lot like Fijian and Tongan Kavas. Vanuatu and PNG Kava has the more notable piney taste

    3. Could it be a simple case of buying and reselling local Kava , with a few plants of your own thrown in ? A far claim from owning the “largest Kava farm in Hawaii with over 600 mature and 400 new Kava plants . The post in which Chris claimed to own the ” largest Kava farm in Hawaii ” has been deleted , Why delete it if it is true ? Why not just show some pictures of the 1000 acre farm ? Why not , because it does not now or has it ever existed . Unethical , shady , disingenuous , untrustworthy , are just a few of the words that come to mind ( the other words are much rougher).

      1. I meant to say 600 acres of mature and 400 acres of younger Kava plants . Go to Chris’s Kava library where he claims that he averages between 1800-2200 Kava plants per 40 acre plot . We will say a average of 2000 plants per 40 acres . 1000 acres divided by 40 acre plots = 25 40 acre plots . (25) 40 acres at 2000 Kava plants = 25 x 2000 =50,000 Kava plants . 50,000 Kava plants at a profit of $500 (?) per plant = 25million dollars , and Chris was complaining about Photobucket charging a monthly fee. I have some land on Mars I want to sale you

      2. As P.T. Barnum said “”:there is a sucker born every minute “” . Yeah I am looking at some of the KF members .

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