Happy Summer Krunkin’ Kava Heads!

While there has recently been a lot of negativity in the Kava community, I want to take the time to point out that 95% of Kava drinkers are good, honest, hardworking people that benefit from the sacred root. It is only a minority of us (myself included sometimes) who like to squabble over land and power.

On one end, we have people who like to Krunk and smile in the sunshine and love Kava for its effects. On the other, we have enthusiasts and scientists who are obsessed with the genetics and chemistry of Kava. I like to think of myself somewhere in between. And I think most of us fall in that “fluid” space.

So to all of those out there spreading positivity and Bula-ing to the better things in life, let us clink shells and enjoy this summer!

Kava is the root of the people, the root of our happiness (not the only one, hopefully), and a gift from the people of the Pacific.


Meanwhile, here’s some good Krunkin’ music:

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