Let’s Get Real: Big Booze is Coming After Kava and Kava Bars

In South Florida, many Kava bars are being scrutinized by local governments and being denied permits. Big booze has become an existential threat to Kava. People looking to walk away from the bottle and find a healthier alternative are under attack. By denying permits to Kava bars under the false premises of Kava being a danger (and some bars selling Kratom – posing as an “entry point” for big booze) local bars and restaurants aim to benefit from a Kava ban. This also means that crime and vehicular accidents could rise as Kava bars are shuttered.



We need to reassert that Kava is a great way for people to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. When I was at “the Nak” run by Nakamal at Home (www.nakamalathome.com) I met many people who were recovering nicely from alcoholism. Many had experienced significant benefits to their lives and their families’ lives. Kava can literally be a life saver.

Sadly, some people in the Kava community (such as prominent figures at the Kava Forums and True Kava) have been making the same arguments Big Booze has been making to attack Kava bars like “the Nak.” They claim that by selling other botanicals like Kratom that these Kava bars are a threat. This ironically puts them in the same camp with the anti-Kava Big Booze lobbyists. We need to make sure we stay united as a community in helping people stay sober and healthy. This includes refraining from attacking Kava bars who sell other legal botanicals. It’s better for someone to drink Kratom than to drink whiskey or gallons of beer before they get behind the wheel. I call on the online Kava communities such as the Kava Forums to stop blacklisting Kava vendors who sell other botanicals like Kratom.

First it was big pharma trying to keep people on Xanax. Now it is Big Booze trying to keep people at the local bar or nightclub. Let us not fall into their greedy trap.

Don’t be fooled – support your local Kava bar and support healthier and more peaceful communities for all.


**NOTE: This is a blog about Kava. I don’t use Kratom. The intention of this editorial is to show how Big Booze is using the controversial herb Kratom to try and attack Kava, Kava Bars, and alternative botanicals. I am not endorsing (or condemning) Kratom. I don’t use Kratom**

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