Squanch Kava – Fijian Lawena

Squanch Kava’s Fijian Lawena is their second powder on the market, and it debuts along with their new website. This Kava is a real knock-out anxiety reliever. Having tried it twice already, both in the evening times, one characteristic I’ve noticed from this strain is a headiness that leads to some pretty intense “Kava Dreams.” If you are into lucid dreaming, and Kava acts as a dream enhancer to you (it does to me), then this will be a great Kava for you. If you also like a medicinal-grade Kava for anxiety relief, this should become your go to.

Squanch Kava – Fijian Lawena

Headiness – 9.5/10

Body – 9/10

Taste – 9.5/10

Strength – Medium-high strength, nighttime Kava

Good for – Stress relief, sleep aid, dream enhancer

Squanch Fijian Lawena – 9.33/10


Again, I recommend the AluBall for this (and all) powdered Kavas. It’s a quick and easy way to make potent and effective Kava. Make sure you double up the AluBalls!


  1. I just wanted to clarify the correct name for Fijian “Kava” is Nagona. (NUH-go-NUH)
    Kava isn’t Fijian.

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