Kavafied deliver again among a solid line of consistent, noble, fresh Kavas backed with awesome and speedy customer service. This Kava is excellent as a weekday Kava and a little bit goes a long way. A three and a half tablespoon session should mellow your brain and limbs and help you ease into the night. I would suggest this as a solid, medicinal-quality Kava for those who are really looking for relief from all kinds of worries…

Headiness – 9/10

Body – 9.5/10

Taste – 9/10

Strength – Medium-strength, nighttime or afternoon Kava

Good for – Ending a long day, nightcap, rounding out the rough edges

Kavafied Tonga Vava’u – 9.17/10

Great news! Kavasseur is back from Africa and preparing to do some new reviews in the coming weeks. First up I will be looking at Luna Kava’s Instant GREEN Kava, which I am super excited about. Then I’ll be heading back over to Kavafied for a review of the only Tongan I haven’t checked out.

-Le Kavasseur