Bula Kava House – Nangol Noble

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This kava, named after a traditional bungee jump ritual in Vanuatu, is a blend of noble kavas that will leave you glued to the couch with a broad smile on your face. It is absolutely fantastic, and mildly overwhelming when it first washes over you. Drink this kava with a bit of care and keep it away from lightweights. If strength is what you’re looking for, then look no further. This is a root blend that competes with many others for the rank of most potent, heady, stony, and pain-killing. Enjoy it!


A spoonful of Nangol Noble powder is very floral and fragrant. The smell of the powder alone is bright and stimulating.


The color of the Kava is a lightish brown. But don’t let it deceive you. It’s strong in flavor and potency.


Effects (Mind) – 10/10
Effects (Body) – 9.75/10
Flavor – 9/10
Strength – Very strong/Extremely Strong. This represents the most extreme place on the spectrum of “strong.” Certainly a weekend Kava.
Best for – Stimulation, creativity, sociability

Bula Kava House Nangol Noble – 9.58/10


  1. This did nothing for me! Are you paid for these reviews? I’ve had good kava and bad kava and although the taste of this nangol noble was decent, we got no effect whatsoever. My friends and my wife felt nothing.

    1. Hi Mike,

      No I’m not paid. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the Nangol Noble. I thought it was a very strong and satisfying Kava. Best of luck on your Kava journey.

    2. Are you experienced enough to make this statement? It’s commonly understood that some people respond differently to certain kavas than others. I’m a long time kava drinker and a major hard-head, just about every dry kava on the market feels fairly weak to me, except Nangol Noble.

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