Kratom has become a very useful plant for many people overcoming drug addiction. It is also enjoyed recreationally by many people in our Kava community. Recently, Kratom has been targeted by the FDA under the Trump administration, an infringement on our capacity to make decisions for ourselves.

An attack on Kratom is an attack on Kava, period.

The Kavasseur believes in the rights of people to have access to natural remedies, and I will continue to provide unwavering support to maintaining the legality of the plants we enjoy and are nourished by.

Live Free or Die. Reject social conservatism!

This is a moderately strong Tudei Kava that is very clean and has no negative next day effects. It is a great introductory Tudei at a very good value. I used five tablespoons to 2 litres of water and consumed it over two hours. The following day I had pleasant “glowing” effects – reduced anxiety and tension. Bula!

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