It appears that Kava Time has left True Kava!

True Kava has banished them from their certified vendor list and Kava Time removed the TK logo from their site. This suggests to me that Kava Time was fed up with TK’s antics and deplorable campaign against vendors and industry personalities who refused to participate in the sticker scam.

If a vendor is removed from the sticker scam list because of the antics of the amateur scientist who runs TK, then it should follow that the “list” is merely a political collection of entities who share an ideological position. It reflects NOTHING about the quality of Kava being sold.

I am happy to see Kava Time, a vendor with very high quality Kava and excellent customer service, back in the mainstream. I will be happy to begin drinking their delicious, potent Kava once again. Bula to Kava Time!

Long live Kava!

Just to clear up any confusion –

I have always advocated for properly labeled Kava. I believe that customers should be able to make informed decisions about what kind of Kava they buy and drink. If a customer wants Noble, they should be able to buy properly labeled Noble. If they want Tudei, the same. I wouldn’t want Noble-spiked Tudei, or vice versa.

Part of legitimizing Tudei is making a clear market for it. If there is market for Tudei, there is no incentive to “spike.” There are enough people out there trying to buy Tudei that there should be no incentive to mix it with Noble. In fact, Tudei can often be more expensive than Noble.

Bula, and enjoy this new chapter in Kava history!

Now that certain “loose ends” have been addressed, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

The Kavasseur website will now be focusing on reviews and fun videos. I will finish my “History of the Online Kava Community” as well. Some of those videos might trigger memories of recent frustrations, so certain people might want to avoid those.

Additionally, I am now fully supportive of Kava Forums. I hope it finds a positive way forward and I’m pleased to see it moving in a better direction. I hope it can once again become an unbiased source for crowd sourced information and Kava reviews.

Also, much more blogging from my guest author Senor Chuggs. And applications are open for others who might want to contribute!



Shells raised to the Kava Forums tonight, for banning the divisive and resentful owner of True Kava. It is truly great to see this after his shocking and possibly criminal behavior. A truly great day for Kava!

It is now established that True Kava either runs or works closely with Kava Leaks, Kava Sewer, and sites that divert traffic from American Kava Association. I would also venture to say that this further suggests that the cyberattacks and personal threats that I received came from True Kava.

True Kava is not a trustworthy source for ensuring safe Kava, or the purity of the Kava you purchase. Period.

On many online forums, people have been convinced to trust this inconsistent organization. True Kava often ignores vendors seeking testing and certification, and some vendors have even shut down their businesses because True Kava neglected to test their Kava or get back to the vendors with reliable results. True Kava has a flawed methodology that samples a tiny unrepresentative amount of a shipment of Kava but then “certifies” every bag a vendor sells. The reality of the Pacific is that Kava from multiple sources is aggregated and sold under one name. They “blanket” certify vendors, and refuse to provide certification to vendors who *in addition to selling Noble* sell properly-labeled Tudei. Also, a recent “True Kava certified” vendor received a large batch of non-Noble Kava. This Kava was thankfully caught because the vendor drank it and realized it was non-Noble. However, it could just have easily been stickered, shipped, and consumed with incorrect labeling – all in accordance with True Kava “regulations.” I have personally become ill from drinking a “TK certified” Kava (mold?) and that is only one of the few times Kava has ever made me feel sick! True Kava approved vendors are no more trustworthy than any other vendors, and their involvement in the True Kava consortium is, in my opinion, largely harmful to the Kava community and betrays a shocking naivete about Kava safety (hopefully they aren’t ONLY using TK to test the safety of their Kava!). The leadership at True Kava has repeatedly been extreme, non-cooperative, and dismissive of important questions about collusion, poaching, and bio-piracy.

The owner of True Kava has never visited a Kava farm, and owns a trumpet shop. His CV (which is on his website) betrays the fact that he has no credentials. Originally, he claimed that Tudei was “dangerous” and stoked fear in the Kava community. He has since retracted this inflammatory and industry-threatening discourse. He is associated with extremist sites like Kava Leaks, owned the deplorable and defamatory “Kavasewer” domain before it was shut down for slander and indecency, and on several occasions has insulted me for my PTSD. In other words, in addition to being an illegitimate and harmful organization, True Kava is managed by a resentful and unstable man. I would encourage customers and vendors alike to work with actual scientists (see Wonderland Labs) who are unbiased and responsive to all inquires.

Perhaps he should focus on his trumpets, and put his sticker-production to rest!