Every now and then I revisit some of my old reviews. I originally reviewed Wakacon back in 2016, shortly after coming back a stressful time in South Sudan. It really helped get me through the rough points. Wakacon has also been resilient through the recent exponential price spikes that have occurred everywhere from Vanuatu to (inexplicably, as there are no import or container costs) Hawaii. Wakacon still stands the test, and is as good a Kava as ever.

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Waddup Kavasseurs!

I hope this vid finds you all well.   I’m Señor Chuggs, covering for the real Kavasseur for the next few months while he’s out and about.  I want to use this post as a starting off point for taking the Kavasseur blog in a new kinda direction.  Of course, we’re still going to be talking about our favorite root beverage, but I’m not going to be doing kava reviews strictly.  I want to explore kava’s purpose and value in my own life, and allow the root to guide the ongoing discussion.  I want to talk about my own kava rituals and see how they relate to others!

Like I say, more content to come.  I just have to get a handle on this blog stuff.  I got some nuggets of discussion between myself and the Kavasseur I will be throwing up on the site here as soon as I can mine through all the hours of krunked “umms” and “uuhhhs”.


Dr. Mathias Schmidt has condemned Kava farmers in Vanuatu because they challenged the True Kava movement and its desire to control what they can or can’t grow. He has leveraged a threat of banning Kava in Germany as a scare tactic to keep the farmers “in control.” This is neocolonialism.

Schmidt is a paid-for scientist working for pharmaceutical companies. He is an ally of Garry Stoner and the True Kava thugs.

I will provide links to relevant documents and articles shortly, as well as produce a video revealing the latest machinations of these colluding forces.

“Being the one taking the decision of where to buy, it is essentially my own decision to blacklist an origin – but this just anticipates an official reaction.

– Dr. Schmidt”