Dr. Mathias Schmidt has condemned Kava farmers in Vanuatu because they challenged the True Kava movement and its desire to control what they can or can’t grow. He has leveraged a threat of banning Kava in Germany as a scare tactic to keep the farmers “in control.” This is neocolonialism.

Schmidt is a paid-for scientist working for pharmaceutical companies. He is an ally of Garry Stoner and the True Kava thugs.

I will provide links to relevant documents and articles shortly, as well as produce a video revealing the latest machinations of these colluding forces.

“Being the one taking the decision of where to buy, it is essentially my own decision to blacklist an origin – but this just anticipates an official reaction.

– Dr. Schmidt”


Kratom has become a very useful plant for many people overcoming drug addiction. It is also enjoyed recreationally by many people in our Kava community. Recently, Kratom has been targeted by the FDA under the Trump administration, an infringement on our capacity to make decisions for ourselves.

An attack on Kratom is an attack on Kava, period.

The Kavasseur believes in the rights of people to have access to natural remedies, and I will continue to provide unwavering support to maintaining the legality of the plants we enjoy and are nourished by.

Live Free or Die. Reject social conservatism!